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    I originally hail from Dublin, Ireland.


    I am an author of books on both philosophy and health as well as a composer of 'classical-ish' music. I have a BA & MA in Classics (Ancient Greek & Latin) from the University of Exeter, UK.


    On this website, you can find more information about my various creative projects.


  • Music

    I have composed 'classical-ish' music in my spare time for over a decade. I have no formal training in composition and all of my music is composed 'by ear'. Recently, I have produced many of my pieces some of which are now featured on the Artlist.io catalogue, a library of royalty-free music. You can listen to some of my music here.

    Life's Sweetness

    Song of the Butterflies

  • Books

    POTS: What It Really Is & Why It Happens

    Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) is a debilitating and often disabling autonomic illness that affects at least one million people worldwide. In the book, I argue that the condition's cause stems from a misfiring in the limbic system in the brain and that this can be corrected through neuroplasticity. I had this illness some years ago but recovered from it. I have a YouTube channel and website connected with the book.

    Stoicism & Western Buddhism

    A comparison of two philosophical ways of life, Stoicism, the ancient Greco-Roman philosophy, and Buddhism as practised in the West. Although there is no direct influence of the one on the other, I argue that both philosophies share many similarities and could also learn from each other. This book stems from research I did during my MA at the University of Exeter.

    Following the Pink Ribbon Path

    This is a new edition of The Pink Ribbon Path, originally written by my mother (Mary Redmond-Ussher). It is spiritual path for those facing serious illness, originally compiled by my mother during her six years with breast cancer. This new edition includes additional writings by those touched by my mother's original book as well as an introduction by myself on how I saw my mother live during her years of illness. I spoke about the book and my mother on Irish radio station, RTE.

    Stoicism Today Vol I

    In 2012, I founded the Stoicism Today blog, which I then ran for four years. These two books are compilations of some of the best pieces from that time.

    Stoicism Today Vol II

  • Audiobooks

    I am starting to narrate audiobooks something about which I'm very excited! More details to be added here soon!

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